Monday, 13 July 2015

7 Things You should be doing!

Property buying, for many of us is a once in a lifetime event that none of us want to miss or compromise on. We do all that it takes to have a living space that we can call it as our own. We are ready to invest all our hard earned money or even take loans in case of insufficient funds. However, while we all turn enthusiastic and too excited when we plan to buy a property, we tend to neglect certain areas that we need to check before buying a pre-owned property  to avoid making the incorrect decision about the property!

So here are the 7 things that you should be doing before buying a pre-owned property:

  1. Check for water stains or corrosions on the walls, which are backing onto the wash area and bathrooms. Moisture penetration or water leakages can cause water stains on walls and thus hamper the wall paint. However, this isn’t any defect in construction or the structure, but can give you a heavy expenditure for maintenance.
  2. Pay attention to the ceilings for any droop. Check whether the ceilings are fixed firmly into place and are even.
  3. Check the cabinets for any kind of damps or mildew. Cabinets with damps have the possibility of water leaks.
  4. Check for any kinds of moulds in the bathrooms or even the bedrooms. These appear like bad patches on the walls and deplete entire beauty of the home. This mostly is a result of bad maintenance and hence, you know what to do I order to avoid this after you move in.
  5. Look for the cracks in the walls of the rooms. Proper wall plastering is important as poorly plastered walls can develop fine cracks at an early age. And these can even result in increased cracks with time.
  6. Check for the rust in the inside walls of roof gutters as, at times, the outer side might appear in good condition, but inside it could be corroded and might need to be replaced which would add to your maintenance costs.
  7. Look for the proper pipelines in the house. There should not be any pipeline leakages. 

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