Tuesday, 21 July 2015

5 PITFALLS you MUST Avoid!

Have you been planning to buy a property for long? Are you all geared up for buying a property? Well! If yes, then you must know the pitfalls that you might come across while buying a property. Here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid.
  1. Lack of Market Research: Having a lack of knowledge about property trends and the realty market can affect your property buying decision. Before deciding upon a property without having sound knowledge about property trends and rates, you must do some detailed research to work out the market value of the property. Carrying out a comparative market analysis is an extremely powerful process to get the best deal for property.
  2. Depending on the Agents: The bitter truth about the agents is that the they are working for the seller and not for you! Hence, entirely depending on the agents to find a better property is to be strictly avoided! Taking help from the agents is good, but not entirely depending on them. You must do your homework and find more options of properties by yourself.
  3. Not asking the much needed questions: You must have a set of questions that you should ask when doing your research. Here are a few of them 
    *How old is the property? 
    *How much did the property cost when it was bought for the first time? 
    *What are the offers so far on the property?
  4. Searching without financial approval: This is another common mistake that many  home buyers do. The last thing you would want is to watch your dream home slipping from your hands. Hence, having financial approval is important before you start searching for a property. For this you must know how much you are willing to spend on property and accordingly get financial approval.
  5. Overstretching Your Finances: when we get an option that is beyond our budget and yet we desire to buy that property and we finalize on a property that is not within the limits of our finances. And then we often tend to exceed the actual amount that we can afford to spend on property payments and eventually add a burden to our expenses.
Hence, if you are planning to make a property purchase then you should be ready to avoid committing these mistakes in property buying process and get the best property deal!

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