Saturday, 8 August 2015

Your Home, Your Choice

We all have a beautiful image of our dream home in our minds but, only few acquire properties that are a true reflection of their dream home!

You too must have dreamt of a home that speaks about the peaceful environment, it would have, the energizing environment, the place where you would feel of being at home, the place where you will have your personal space, the place that will have room for all your belongings and the place where every corner is filled with joy and happiness of living together with family.

Now, the question is, have you found your dream home?
Many have not and they are the ones who have the privilege to explore the options that the builders like Empire Realty in Nashik are providing to the potential home buyers at present.  Yes! The real estate industry of the city has reached new heights. The skyline of Nashik has new high-rise buildings that are adding the missing charm to the city’s residential spaces.

These projects are not a mere piece of construction, but, a work of perfection for a perfect living and lifestyle. When you plan to find your dream property, like everybody else, you too would be having certain priorities that you must keep in mind before you decide on to buying a specific property in Nashik. For a first home buyer, property buying is a critical decision to make as it involves huge amount of risk in terms of investment of your hard earned money. Hence, having a better understanding of what you can afford to buy and what you desire to own can help you prioritize your needs and requirements.

When you search for properties in Nashik, believe in your choice but, at the same time, make informed choices. The property, on which you invest today, is your home tomorrow and a choice for life. So, having a life that compliments your lifestyle is a better choice than a life where you have to compromise ons quality at every step due to a wrong choice. Hence, the decision is yours! Your Home, Your Choice.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Empire Belleza – Add More to Life

Properties at Nashik
Empire Belleza
Empire Realty has been constructing residential spaces that have redefined the comfort in the life of its customers consistently. Empire Marvel, a residential project by the Empire Realty, located on Gangapur Road, Nashik offers well designed apartments with facilities that boast about the exclusivity of the project. A residential space where you can be a part of a whole new world of comfort and experience a holistic life. The project is all set to give you a chance to thrive in the homes with the alluring surroundings for a living that you have always desired to have.

Are you engrossed in the search for a good residential space in Nashik that fits in your budget and answers all your needs as well? Well! You would be surprised to know that you are one among those who are looking for the elegant, spacious homes in Nashik which suit their lifestyle!
To answer to the sudden spurt in demand for residential spaces in the Wine Capital, the newly constructed Empire Belleza on Gangapur Road is an added ideal option that will enrich your living experience in the city with an embellished and improved lifestyle. The location runs parallel to the river Godavari and hence, gives you a pleasant weather to enjoy! The landscaped roads and undisturbed greenery are what a majority looks for around their home and yet stay closely connected to the other regions of the city.

The immaculately designed interiors and thoughtfully planned layouts of the flats in the elevation will compliment your social stature and boast about the elegant lifestyle you will have. With the amenities that are made available at the project site, you can be all geared up to spend your time at the well-equipped gymnasium and well maintained swimming pool and work out for a healthier you! What more would you want other than a Jacuzzi at home?

Life at Empire Belleza  is all about an experiencing an exclusive lifestyle! Many have chosen what they desire, have you?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

5 PITFALLS you MUST Avoid!

Have you been planning to buy a property for long? Are you all geared up for buying a property? Well! If yes, then you must know the pitfalls that you might come across while buying a property. Here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid.
  1. Lack of Market Research: Having a lack of knowledge about property trends and the realty market can affect your property buying decision. Before deciding upon a property without having sound knowledge about property trends and rates, you must do some detailed research to work out the market value of the property. Carrying out a comparative market analysis is an extremely powerful process to get the best deal for property.
  2. Depending on the Agents: The bitter truth about the agents is that the they are working for the seller and not for you! Hence, entirely depending on the agents to find a better property is to be strictly avoided! Taking help from the agents is good, but not entirely depending on them. You must do your homework and find more options of properties by yourself.
  3. Not asking the much needed questions: You must have a set of questions that you should ask when doing your research. Here are a few of them 
    *How old is the property? 
    *How much did the property cost when it was bought for the first time? 
    *What are the offers so far on the property?
  4. Searching without financial approval: This is another common mistake that many  home buyers do. The last thing you would want is to watch your dream home slipping from your hands. Hence, having financial approval is important before you start searching for a property. For this you must know how much you are willing to spend on property and accordingly get financial approval.
  5. Overstretching Your Finances: when we get an option that is beyond our budget and yet we desire to buy that property and we finalize on a property that is not within the limits of our finances. And then we often tend to exceed the actual amount that we can afford to spend on property payments and eventually add a burden to our expenses.
Hence, if you are planning to make a property purchase then you should be ready to avoid committing these mistakes in property buying process and get the best property deal!

Monday, 13 July 2015

7 Things You should be doing!

Property buying, for many of us is a once in a lifetime event that none of us want to miss or compromise on. We do all that it takes to have a living space that we can call it as our own. We are ready to invest all our hard earned money or even take loans in case of insufficient funds. However, while we all turn enthusiastic and too excited when we plan to buy a property, we tend to neglect certain areas that we need to check before buying a pre-owned property  to avoid making the incorrect decision about the property!

So here are the 7 things that you should be doing before buying a pre-owned property:

  1. Check for water stains or corrosions on the walls, which are backing onto the wash area and bathrooms. Moisture penetration or water leakages can cause water stains on walls and thus hamper the wall paint. However, this isn’t any defect in construction or the structure, but can give you a heavy expenditure for maintenance.
  2. Pay attention to the ceilings for any droop. Check whether the ceilings are fixed firmly into place and are even.
  3. Check the cabinets for any kind of damps or mildew. Cabinets with damps have the possibility of water leaks.
  4. Check for any kinds of moulds in the bathrooms or even the bedrooms. These appear like bad patches on the walls and deplete entire beauty of the home. This mostly is a result of bad maintenance and hence, you know what to do I order to avoid this after you move in.
  5. Look for the cracks in the walls of the rooms. Proper wall plastering is important as poorly plastered walls can develop fine cracks at an early age. And these can even result in increased cracks with time.
  6. Check for the rust in the inside walls of roof gutters as, at times, the outer side might appear in good condition, but inside it could be corroded and might need to be replaced which would add to your maintenance costs.
  7. Look for the proper pipelines in the house. There should not be any pipeline leakages. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Contribution of Real Estate

Empire Realty - Nashik
What is Real Estate? What defines the term Real Estate? Some of you are well versed with this concept of real estate; however, there are some of you for whom this is an entirely new concept. So, let us try to understand what Real Estate is before we step into the importance of real estate.

Real estate is the piece of property which comprises of the building constructed on it along with the natural resources such as crops, water, minerals, or any stationary property with similar attributes. There are a few segments of Real estate if we consider the Indian context. These segments are:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

Now that you know what real estate deals with, let us understand some of the important factors and outputs of the real estate industry in India.

  • Real estate in India has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world and has come a long way. It has been not only drawing attention of many of the top builders and developers in India, but has also attracted many of the investors from across the world. India, being a developing nation, is now a major attraction for people to make a property purchase or invest in property with the growing real estate market across the country.
  • India is still a preferred destination across the globe for builders and developers, investors and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and is favored by the investor-friendly government policies which encourage a healthy increase in globalization.
  • Huge population of the country and the gradual increase in the income of the people along with the rapid growth and urbanization in the country has added to the growth of the real estate industry in India.
  • With the expansion of the cities and towns in India, the increase in demand for infrastructure and space for educational institutions, healthcare facilities like hospitals and tourism has lead to generation of job opportunities in the real estate sector of the country.
  • The real estate sector of the country is known to generate approximately 6.3% of the Gross Domestic Product of the country. This solely speaks of the revenue generation due to the real estate sector.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Challenges in Commercial Real Estate Investment

Empire Realty - Nashik
Are you willing to invest in property in Nashik which is the 4th fastest growing city of India? Are you aware of the challenges that you may have to face in the process of investment in a property? If no, then the following section will help you have a better understanding of the challenges that may arise in your investment in property process.

There are a several obstacles in the process of investing in commercial real estate which are discussed in the following lines:

Properties in Nashik - Empire Realty
  • Specialized Obtained Knowledge: In general, it is a long process of gaining a sound knowledge and experience about selecting and purchasing meaningful quality investment properties. Investing in the right property for best return on investments is not a small task. It requires well thought and planned research and knowledge about the various trends in the property of that particular location and field of a property/business firm. 
  • Large Capital Requirements At Initial Stage:  it is commonly noticed that the initial requirements of most commercial real estate investments are at least 25%. However, these percentages are not fixed and varies from developer to developer and place to place. This might be a hindrance in your planning of the investment scheme which you would have classified over time basis. You may not be willing to make 25% of the investment payment at the initial stages due to various reasons. 
  • Capabilities to control and keep up the physical assets: What is basically needed in managing and maintaining a property successfully is the focused research and proficient skills to implement the research over wise decisions.  If something within the property is not up to the mark it becomes another concern for owners and tenants.  It is convenient at times if the investors are allowed to partner with operators so that they can enjoy the real estate investment without having direct real estate ownership.
  • Identification and maintenance of quality Income streaming: In an investment property which generates regular rental income that is secured by tenant leases, the assessment of the likelihood that a borrower will default on their debt obligations is of great importance. 

Considering the rapid growth in the Wine Capital of India, investing in commercial real estate of Nashik seems like a favorable and preferred choice right now as the builders and developers of the city are coming up with various projects for residential purpose as well as commercial purpose which are promising good return on investments.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Modern Buildings and Homes by Empire Realty, Adapting to Growing India

Empire Realty - Nashik
India has been one among the popular nations to invest in property as it continues to adapt industrialization and modernization. According to research, India is the world’s second fastest growing economy and thus, it is appealing for investors to really put their money in India.

The real estate sector in India is sure to rise. Class A properties increase at an average of 8 to 12 percent each year and will soon rise as India continues to grow. Besides the fact that Nashik is one of the key cities in India that is developing, is a rich producer of various crops and berries. India also has some natural wonders that people from other countries would want to explore.

Major Information Technological companies started establishing their expansion offices in India. Nashik along with Mumbai and Pune has become the target of many companies for expansion because of secured environment and good weather conditions that is suitable for everyone. The need for modern architecture is needed to provide houses for employees who are not only native from India but also those from neighboring countries seeking opportunities in Nashik.

Commercial Spaces as well as Residential units are developed with innovation by developers who have been in the industry for years. Empire Realty focuses on fresh insights and ideas with complement of comfortable living. From the old and simple flats, most people prefer to live in high rise buildings along with other colleagues. With this, bonding with friends can be easier. Since the office is just within the proximity of your home, the time for rest and leisure is maximized. You do not have to spend hours in the traffic.

Simple residential units are evolving with complexities providing better living and luxurious lifestyle without having to spend most of your resources. Empire Realty provides world class amenities that you can enjoy when you buy homes from them. They also make sure that the whole place is secured.
Because the local government of Nashik prefers to preserve the natural environment while adapting industrialization, green building is practiced. Modern amenities in various buildings such as swimming pool and landscaped gardens are designed to welcome you from work. Because Nashik is the main producer of crops, the groceries and supermarkets sell fresh crops that you can enjoy anytime.

Living in Nashik, India and having to invest in real estate with Empire Realty is a great decision. Act now. If you will not buy today, properties will become expensive in the long run.